Weekend Recap

Sunday I was up early (nearly exactly the same time that I get up on work days, 6 am!) to take the bus to Lincoln Park for the annual Zoo run. As per usual, the lions were still asleep, or just lazing about. Those bums. I somewhat reluctantly put on my red and black run t-shirt, noting that it was Blackhawks colors. (Watching the Stanley Cup this week, I've realized that my loyalties do lie with the Flyers.)

Overcoming my fashion objections, I was ready to race. I am happy to report that I ran the fastest mile since high school, a 10:43 average pace! (I wasn't really trying in high school though, and usually walked at least a third of the distance, squeaking in under the 10 minute "President's Health Fitness Challenge" limit.) Even better for Sunday's race, I'd say that there were even times I felt like I could have run faster, but I was caught up in the traffic of other racers. Granted, it is all these other runners that likely motivate me to go faster, with the incremental milestones of passing that guy, then that girl with the pink top, then that kid.

The following night we planned on grilling, (another Chicago summer tradition) because we'd finally popped into the kosher butcher shop in our neighborhood. (Being closed on Saturdays, they were never open when it crossed our minds to investigate.) Lamb chops were on our menu, and I found a really simple and tasty Food Network recipe that allowed me to unpack the food processor we'd registered for nearly three years ago for our wedding. I had hoped to find kielbasa at the butcher, but after realizing this is pork sausage, it was unlikely to be found at a kosher establishment. So glad I didn't ask and accidentally offend the proprietor!
But the lamb chops were so tasty that I forgot to take a picture of the final plating. I did smoke up the kitchen terribly though by searing the chops after we learned it was raining and had to take the grilling inside.



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