We're Watching the World Cup

I'm not sure exactly why the World Cup matters to me. Maybe it's having the experience of living in London during 1990 World Cup, where we only had four TV channels and two of them likely had soccer matches playing. Or perhaps this year, it's that I was just in South Africa last summer so caught the World Cup fever bug -- and a tshirt for Jason -- there. Alexi Lalas, the ESPN/ABC lead commentator is also pretty cute, so that could be another cause. (I like him much more now that he's trimmed from his days as player for the U.S. team.)

But let's face it, soccer players are much more fun to watch as a woman than, let's say, football players. With football they're all padded up and their heads and faces are covered. Hockey players have few teeth, scraggly beards, helmets and baggy jerseys. No fun for objectifying the athletes. And in soccer, sometimes they even take their shirts off at the end of the game, which Jason chuckled at my encouraging.

This weekend we tried to rally friends to watch the US-England match at a local pub, but with few takers we ended up with a showing our on home television. It was an encouraging draw, albeit with a lucky goal that the England goalie will never live down. I caught Argentina's goal against Uganda while waking up Jason to alert him to the start of the day's coverage. Today Ghana's penalty kick against Serbia was seen from the elliptical at the gym. (The gym makes you "sportier" in two ways: your own physique and the knowledge you pick up from the TV's overhead.)

It seems like a huge party of nationalism, or even "continentalism" judging by the South African fans reactions to Ghana's win, celebrating an African nation's victory. I'm becoming more and more envious of one of my friends who's actually there, while I'm just watching from my couch or the elliptical.

I wonder if God has to open additional lines to heaven with all the players and fans looking skyward with pleading or grateful eyes during the games I've watched so far.


jck said...

Hugh and I just had this conversation while watching game 6 of the stanley cup. He commented that hockey players are the hottest (not his words exactly...) because of their athleticism: a combination of endurance, strength, and amazing coordination on skates. I said soccer players. Hugh said that soccer players are just a bunch of "pretty boys". I guess he has a better imagination than I do regarding the toothless hockey guys. It was a fun game to determine which sport's guy would be best to have a beer with, have dinner with...

jck said...

and no offense to swimmers, but with their wide hunched shoulders and skinny little bodies, swimmers ended up at the bottom of our list. Sorry, Michael Phelps - not interested.

Claire said...

Yeah, the World Cup players are drama queens. And it should be said that I married a hockey player. :)

But if I were moving, I might want a sumo wrestler.

If I were BBQ'ing, maybe a baseball player, since many a BBQ includes a good game of softball.

For hosting a dinner party, a basketball player, since that always involves reaching for the platters I keep on the top shelves in the kitchen cabinets. Their height could come in handy.


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