999 Friends

No sooner did I express my ambivalence for Facebook, than a friend declares the milestone of reaching 1,000 friends. I then felt that she was not at all my friend. I was just feeding her numbers. How do you even get to 1,000?

I have 106 friends, and I feel like even then I should be doing some weeding in the garden. I was immediately tempted to knock my "friend"'s number down to 999 by taking a principled stance. She'd never figure out it was me!

I didn't do it.

More Facebook nonsense on Lamebook.com (although a little bit more, um, colorful, sometimes.)

Reminds me of another thing I don't like: people who have conversations that could be done privately over public wires on Facebook. Pick up the phone, text them! I don't need to know you're looking forward to your baby coming home tonight. Ick.



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