Life Lesson Addendum: Sunglasses, Not a Headband

No sooner had I lauded the perfect wonderfulness of lots of sunglasses, I was reminded that there is a time and place for everything.

Looking across the conference room (at a coworker who I do like a lot, and who was dressed really nicely today) I thought, "It's nearly 2 pm. We're indoors. In a room with the blinds drawn. She hasn't been outside since 8:30 am this morning. Why are her sunglasses on top of her head?"

It's the sunglasses as headband thing.

If you need a headband, get a headband. Sunglasses as a substitute just doesn't work.

And there are so many very nice headbands, that aren't awfully Hillary-in-the-1990s either.
Nautical spirit from Forever 21

Skinny sequins from J. Crew

Hot pink from Marc Jacobs and Zappos.

See, even I sported a headband for a bit of panache at Easter. (That's niece June who I've chopped out of the photo. If you saw her, she'd totally steal the show in this photo. Plus I haven't really asked her mom about promoting June on the worldwide web.)One of the many, from Urban Outfitters.


jck said...

That feather headband was awesome at Easter. No problem if you promote June on the blog or promote her personal stylist - what a great dress she is wearing ;)


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