Life Lesson: Sunglasses, Never Enough

A few years ago I just got fed up with never being able to find my sunglasses. It was Claire-before-contact-lenses, so my sunglasses were prescription. And of course, never where I thought I'd last left them.

Now that I'm wearing contact lenses and released from the monopoly of having just one pair of too expensive sunglasses, I decided that I can't have too many sunglasses.

I like the cheap, plastic kind that are always available at Marshall's in droves this time of year. When they are cheap I can also get the silly, frivolous kinds. Lots of different kinds. There's always a pair that's easy to grab, another to leave in the car, and one pair to just have bouncing around the bottom of my gym bag. I have a pink pair, and another that my friend calls my "C.H.I.P.s" glasses.They are cooler than these.



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