Random Bits of the Last Week

Hooking up my camera to the computer offers the chance to tell you a little of my last week or so.

Rooftop at Wrigley
for an afternoon game. Which reminded me I still had photos on the camera from another game we went to when a coworker was giving away bleacher seats. Both views are pretty good, but sadly they were both losing games...both against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Power washing the deck this weekend. A real freshman homeowner effort. Our zeal for the amazing results outpaced our skill, so there were some funny lines and missed spots we noticed later...after returning the power washer to the hardware store. Finding matching (with the room and each other) lamps at Marshall's, helps me strive for that hotel look in the bedroom. They say matching bedsides conveys "swank hotel" style. Jason says, "Too many pillows!"

And a surprise gift, from the pillow-hating husband. The design critique is forgiven, and I even weeded a pillow off of our couch downstairs as a gesture after Jason surprised me with Hello Kitty Champagne!!!! What event could be possibly good enough to celebrate with this bottle? Kawaii, neh? Thank you, Jason!



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