Even More of Prague

Following on the Beatles reference of the last post, here's me in front of Prague's Lennon Wall. My colleague's husband pointed out that John Lennon was apparently never in Prague, but this was the place where students came to write their grievances ahead of the 1989 Velvet Revolution. We learned more about this at the Communist Museum, which has terrific advertising, and an ironic location above the McDonald's. The exhibits were a little dusty, and there was lots of reading, but it helped give context to Prague's modern history.

Folding early to the Nazis might have saved the architecture, but it obviously took its toll, as we learned earlier in touring the Jewish Quarter. The streets and buildings in this neighborhood remember the Jews who were captured by the Nazis with plaques where they once lived, oftentimes humble, carrying their names and ages.
It was thought-provoking and sobering, and also helped explained why the Czechs later welcomed the Russians as liberators. Of course, that came with Communism and other hardships. I thought about how fortunate my Grandmother was to leave town ahead of both WWII and the arrival of Communism.

With the Velvet Revolution -after years of hardship and oppression- the government collapsed in only days, prompting this reflection the fall of Communism: "in Poland it took 10 years, in Hungary 10 months, in the East Germany ten weeks, and in Czechoslovakia, just 10 days."



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