Healthy Eating (or Trying My Best!)

So, I am steady on with "The Plan" to get trim and fit. One thing that helped me get further this time, than any time before, was more discipline and definition in my eating. Some have even asked, "What do you eat?"

A few of the basic principles:
- 2 servings of fruit per day, 2 servings of veggies (after that, you've kind of eaten a lot that's filling!)
- 8 glasses of water (and 1 extra for every Diet Coke I drink)
- No bad carbs - like white bread. During the second week we added whole grain bread and pasta.
- No dessert the first week and just one sweet the following week
- 2 servings of fish per week
- Tracking calories every day on's Daily Plate
- Rewards for milestone achievements

So here's a typical breakfast at my desk at 8 am: oatmeal with fruit that I add on top (usually blueberries, but raspberries or banana are a good substitute. Diet Coke, and vitamins (when I remember!)
Here are also a few meals that we've had lately...

Chicken Pesto Pasta comprised of chicken breast grilled on the Foreman, Barilla whole grain rotini, and pesto made from basil that's exploded on our deck. Ignore the crusty bread, that's not on the diet. The green monster in the food processor.Jason decided to add a fried egg to his, which was kind of a cool idea, and he reported it being very tasty. Protein too!Tonight's meal was Zuchinni Oven Chips,from a Cooking Light recipe. (I am considering re-subscribing to this magazine, always good and very simple recipes!) Serving of vegetables? Check!Again, please ignore the crusty bread in the corner. It came from our local neighborhood farmer's market, just like the gargantuan zucchini.

I am beginning to think it's a good idea to just buy a vegetable at the market, instead of hunting for the recipe first and then hoping the veg will be there. Buy the vegetable and then go from there. Who ever thought I'd be making a Nappa cabbage salad? That also turned out pretty well. I still need another zucchini recipe though; that thing is HUGE!

I'll have to snap a picture of my usual lunch salad. It has strawberries, sometimes even kiwis!



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