Last Post of Prague

Here are the last little bits of Prague, which I couldn't really fit into a theme for another post.

Like the marionettes hanging in shop windows. Or the ornate doors on just "ordinary" buildings and the classic Skoda cars available for hire.
After climbing to the top of the clock tower, we used our birds-eye view to decide where to go for lunch, and found a rooftop restaurant with a notable view. Too bad it then started raining! We ducked downstairs to the cozy hotel bar for a beer instead, a trick we'd learned when the clouds opened and poured down rain during our walking tour the day before. Our guide found a great little pub, that felt like it was deep in the catacombs of Prague's streets for beers. (If you're in Prague, I recommend Jay Pesta's Private Prague Guides.) So that's about it from Prague. Start looking forward to our trip to INDIA in November! We've booked our tickets, applied for our visas and Jason has his travel health clinic appointment on Tuesday. (The visa application asked which countries we'd each visited in the last 10 years! That was tough.) Jason's also already made a website for our itinerary. I was hoping to see Hello Kitty in a sari, as she's been re-fashioned for his other web creations.



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