More of Prague

Here are a few more pictures from Prague. Although it was only a weekend, I took great advantage of the wonders of digital photography to take literally hundreds of pictures. (Such a nice advancement from the old days of loading a roll of film with only 24 or 36 pictures.)

Since our hotel was so close, we spent a good deal of time traversing Prague's Old Town Square.Each time I checked my watch to see if it was the turn of the hour to see the astronomical clock go through its machinations, where the twelve apostles parade by and the skeleton representing Death rings its bell. By climbing the tower, we had the chance to see the crowd below gathering to watch. Other notable landmarks of Prague are the castle, which is truly a complex of multiple guarded buildings. Including a phenomenally ornate cathedral, where you think to yourself, "Really Prague? Have you not been decorative enough yet? Looks like you could have fit some more filigree in that little 3 inch square space."(This is also where I put in a plug for the large, and pretty affordable, Urban Outfitters purse. It was perfect for hiding away purchases from souvenir shops when I was later walking about town by myself and didn't want to look too much the tourist. The sneakers probably gave me away in the end, but I enjoyed walking into a restaurant and the hostess thinking it was a mistake that I'd been given the English menu.)There's also the Charles Bridge, dating back to the 1300s. (Really Prague?!)Trumpeters in medieval-like garb were stationed on the tower behind me, playing the Beatles "Life Goes On"... which I coincidentally heard again the following week getting onto the shuttle bus at work. It sadly reminded me of how quickly I'd fallen right back into the work routine, which is why I'll have to share more of Prague in another post soon.



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