My Subconscious and its Keen Sense of Smell

While finally getting around to cleaning out my purse from last month's travel, I pulled out the issue of Lucky Magazine I'd carried on the plane. A helpful feature of Lucky is the insert with sticky flags so that you can remember the clothes, housewares, accessories, or beauty items you want to consider getting for yourself later. Funny thing, half of my flags were stuck on pages with perfume.
I wasn't really looking for perfume. It made wonder if the plane had been particularly smelly.. or maybe my subconscious thought so and was seeking the bold, sophisticated notes of ylang ylang and violet to smother the odor of the other passengers?

Admittedly, I've been wearing two of the same scents for years, maybe it is time to consider a new addition, like:

Nicole Miller's perfume which promises those ylang ylang and violet notes, along with "...gardenia, layered with earthy oakmoss and cedarwood." Sounds so good, I could drink it like a glass of wine.

Or maybe a mojito like Armani's Acqua di Gioia: a "refreshing, wildly appealing blend of lemon zest, jasmine, and crushed mint leaves."

I even flagged a Chanel option that sounded good for Jason, woodsy and spicy Bleu. Embarrassingly, I was probably also looking at Paris Hilton's Tease, but I'd bet it might smell like I was trying too hard to be 19 years old.

Definitely a better scent than any United plane.



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