Sometimes Jason and I think about getting a dog. Ridiculously adorable videos like this one help us narrow our future dog choices to breeds including the corgi.
It is the breed of the Queen. And touching photos of her devotion to the breed follow a google image search for "corgi queen."The Boston Terrier is on my list as I met one once who was an outstanding representative for the breed. She nipped at our heels insistently at a friend's party, but the minute I picked her up, putting her at eye level of our conversation, calm and content. I think Jason has a soft spot for pugs.

We don't need big dogs, just big personality.

But then sometimes I think an elephant would be an adorable choice too. Try to argue with me after watching this video.


JCK said...

Hugh and I have talked numerous times about breeding mini elephants to sell as pets. We just need about 100 acres and some smaller than average elephants to start. We should have our first prototype in about a hundred years :) Good to see there is a market for mini housepet elephants.


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