Things I Am Thinking About

1. What to pack for our trip to India - it's not until November, but I already think Cortizone 10 for the mosquitos, and updating my prescription eyeglasses might be a good idea. There's a bag in my home office where these things are starting to collect.2. Running a 10K race in October. It's the annual Chicago AIDS Foundation race, and I think I might be ready to upgrade. I'm considering opting out of the time-chip, since I won't want my tortoise-like pace, and probable mile 4.5 breakdown, to be archived for google searches forever. 3. What to do with Juliet, Hugh and baby June in late September when they come to visit. Lincoln Park Zoo? Botanical Garden? Picnic by the beach? I've already been advised that nothing should be on a strict schedule since June is a bit of a free spirit when it comes to timekeeping. 4. What to do with myself on the fall football weekends Jason will be either out of town (or functionally so, wrapped up in the watching the game). It might be time to evaluate all the fabric I've bought and the very little I've sewed. Pajama pants, sleeping mask, skirt...Or maybe there's a trip to visit friends on the horizon for the fall or early winter. New York City? Portland? (East or West!) Atlanta? Dallas? So many options, so much to think about.


Andra Sue said...

You could always combine a Fall trip with one of Jason's football weekends and come with us to an Aggie game! :)

One of these days it'll start getting cooler here...

abby said...

Mom took Eleanor to the zoo on Monday, and said that she really loved it (but E is a bit animal crazy). And yes! You should come to Portland West to meet my kiddo. We can go fabric shopping!


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