Write It Down

The advice can be found nestled in the pages of probably actually every book in the self-help section: if you write down your goals and dreams it'll make them happen. Committing it to paper commits you to it.

Thinking about this, I felt the impulse to go back through years of diaries and journals, because I bet that I'd once written down the wish to go to India.

In smaller measure, I recently noted (in modern-day blog format) wanting to get to work on the numerous projects I have piling up in my workroom. So this weekend: skirt!
It turned out far, far better than my first try at a wrap skirt months ago which you will NEVER see on this blog. (It was delivered to the Salvation Army.)

This new one might even be polished enough to be worn to work. And it didn't require a formal pattern, just directions from a sewing blog! I improvised on a couple parts myself, so the earlier wrap skirt was not without its lessons in waistband crafting.{Self Portrait with Skirt}

Here it is as styled for work on Monday!And the fabric scraps refashioned into an alternate pillow for the cat bed...plus head pillow. I know that's ridiculous, but until I learn how to make this coin purse, it had to do.



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