Inventors are a wacky bunch. You wonder how they dream up the little ideas that could someday make them rich... or end up in the bins at the 99 Cent Store.

Sometimes I look at something and just can't help but think, "BRILLIANT! I need this right now."

Right now, because upstairs a rumpled duvet sits on our bed with its corners staging a family reunion by bunching up in the center of the duvet cover. I will repeat the nightly ritual of shaking the comforter to sort its corners back to where they belong.

Little did I previously know of Chez Duvet.

The duvet’s split corners open (like a mouth of sorts) and close around the interior corner flaps of the duvet cover using a simple and effective low profile hook and loop retaining system from Velcro® USA.

(See graphic.)

Like the right of eminent domain, whereby governments can put highways through your backyard simply because it serves the greater good, I think that the intellectual rights to this invention should be surrendered so that every duvet can be fashioned in this style. Or maybe I should just get myself the kit to retro-fit my current comforter. (I've already been hand sewing ties into the corners of our duvet covers, which is probably equally tedious.)

This is about as cool as finally figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet.

Unfortunately there's still that pesky slouchy middle of the comforter that migrates away from the top of the cover. Where's that solution? (Buy a regular American comforter and stop pretending we're European?)

Such bourgeoisie, chardonnay problems I suffer.


Sura said...

Would you believe it if I told you they stole my idea? I swear I've been talking to Patrick about this idea for years. :)

Courtney said...

Claire, they stole my idea too! I actually sewed buttons with corresponding button holes on the inside corners of our last duvet. Worked like a charm!


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