Chicago: Cuter by ~11 Months for a Weekend

Philadelphia's cutest citizen (JUNE!) came to visit Chicago last weekend, accompanied by her handlers, Juliet and Hugh. Here she is enjoying the ride down Lake Shore Drive to the Shedd Aquarium. We'd never been to the Aquarium before, which now seems shameful. Even the adults were amazed by the exhibits that bring you into the native habitats of the fish and creatures, whether it's Pacific Northwest or Philippines. June seemed to like the fish too, particularly the dolphins. (That's not a dolphin, obviously.)

Over the weekend at home she disrupted our cats' toys and beds, gnawed on our kitchen utensils and cardboard, had us down on the floor acting goofy, and was a very pleasant, well-behaved little girl. Mom, Dad, and baby were also very considerate that us non-parents are accustomed to sleeping in on the weekends. Here she is bopping around the kitchen in her jammies.
June is welcome back whenever she'd like to come visit. (I'm told she earned her flying wings with excellent plane behavior too!) So cute! Thanks for coming to visit Juliet, Hugh & June. We love you all so much!


jck said...

And we love you! Thanks for having us.


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