Cooking Up the Best of Breakfast

One of the best things about holiday weekends is having the time to spend a little more thought on the routines of life, like breakfast. This weekend I was eager to try the Spring Breakfast Tart I'd read about on another blog. After a trip to the supermarket for ingredients, I was ready and mixing.

Asparagus, thyme, bacon, puff pastry, and a small tub of creme fraiche that demanded a dedicated trip to Whole Foods were my starting point. (Good thing I've been watching Top Chef and noticed someone buying some of their own at Whole Foods in the last episode!) I decided that the arugula flowers the recipe also asked for were just an embellishment and wasn't going to bother tracking those down. Arugula has flowers? Who knew!?

This is a nice mix of the best parts of breakfast: fried eggs, juicy bacon, healthy veggies and all on top of a crispy croissant. It worked out extraordinarily well. Very tasty, and not too difficult for a holiday weekend chef.



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