Dress for Sweat-cess (Meant to Sound Like "Success")

Since more and more often I'm finding my laundry basket taken up with athletic wear, I decided to treat myself to some nice new workout duds, from Lululemon Athletica. A lot of their focus is yoga, but running apparel and sports bras are also on the racks, and always cute.

And don't you know, look who else is wearing my sassy new top?(Not the kid with the football, but the always stylish Mrs. O!) My top is in a color billed as "alarming" - but I call it coral.

To carry it to the gym, a new gym bag is also on order to replace my utilitarian Eddie Bauer bag, circa 1998.

It's been crazy durable, but I have to say this takes away a little bit of the pleasure of going to the gym so frequently. I want to see my bag take some wear and tear, a reflection of my dogged determination! While my sneakers get scuffed and softer, my towels sweatier and stinker, this darn EB bag still looks like the day I bought it. Kudos to Eddie Bauer, but how's a girl ever supposed to feel a sense of accomplishment looking like the newbie entering the gym?(For your own perma-duffel, shop Eddie Bauer.)


Elizabeth said...

Not too long ago some Lululemon folks were giving away running shorts on the lakefront trail. I thought I had won the lottery - I'm not one to spend $50 on running shorts. They are amazing.


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