Eating with a Two-Year Old is a Mess

So much for the glee of a two-year old. A two-year-old table that is now wrinkling up and falling apart like a grumpy old man.

Our West Elm table, before. One of the first purchases for our new home. And despite the fact that Jason and I eat more often on the coffee table, or on the deck...this is what's happened after just two years. The veneer around the side is pulling off. My guests apologize when they think they’ve caused the damage, but I have to explain that it actually started before they even sat down. And just once a water glass was left on the tabletop, and the veneer bubbled. When wiping off the table it chipped right off. Ugly and unhappy, isn't it?I know Mom always said to use a coaster, but even on a dining room table?! Isn't it expected that glasses will be put on a table?

My letter to West Elm has attempted a calmer, more conciliatory tone. Maybe they will at least throw me a table runner to cover the ugly while I figure out Plan B? Jason encourages me to wait at least two weeks before I start looking for a replacement table. I want to keep the chairs, since they cost more than the table, and are still in good shape. But what's a good match?

Here are a couple of options...not from West Elm.

CB2's Silverado Round, no need for a coaster on glass.Or, their Odyssey Grellow Table (grey + yellow, do you think it would go ok with our grey walls, but orange couch? Maybe it's too matchy-matchy with the green/yellow accents on the wall?)
IKEA has a white version too,with a little more curve.

Crate & Barrel's Strut Table, has the same retro modern lines, but might not be an exact match on the wood tones.



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