Ladies' Weekend

On a very gorgeous end of summer weekend I was quite a busy girl - particularly since Jason was out of town for the Buckeye game.
Saturday Ladies' Brunch, with a try at a new non-alcoholic beverage, appropriately known as the "Sophisticated Lady." Cranberry juice, simple syrup, infused with salted and muddled cucumber, with a splash of lime juice. (Lots more yummy non-alc cocktails are here.) I might have over-reached this time, trying lots of food options like pancakes, bacon, breakfast tart, non-alcoholic cocktail... A sure sign of this excessive ambition must have been making my simple syrup the night before, and then distractedly spilling it on the floor and all down the kitchen cabinets. Is there possibly anything worse to spill but sugar water??! Next 30 minutes were spent mopping and then padding around to sense if the floor was still sticky. Re-mopping. It ended up feeling like Lucy Ricardo was hosting this brunch after I also burnt my pancakes.

The good company made up for my foibles in the smoke detector going off about six times before I hustled out the ladder and unplugged it. (Don't worry, we have at least two more working detectors.)

I was happy that night to go out to meet friend Sura for dinner and let someone else do the cooking. Later, a little guilty feeling came over me when I walked up to Matilda's to meet Liz and Geoff and saw a *Michigan* flag waving above my head. I told Jason it felt like cheating on him while he was out of town to go hang out at what turned out to be a Michigan bar. But likely better that he wasn't in town, because I'm not sure I'd have gotten him through the door, even if the cause was a good one - Liz is running the marathon to raise money for cancer research.

Sunday I was cruising with the tatooed hipsters shopping the Renegade Craft Fair. I love this craft fair. Anyone who loves Etsy like I do, loves this fair. I found a little gift-for-self necklace. And a reclaimed book journal, made from an old kids biography of Sandra Day O'Connor. Awesome, even if she's not my very favorite supreme court justice. (Ruth Bader Ginsberg is my girl on the court.)

Even if the Renegade Craft Fair doesn't visit your city, thanks to the wonders for the internets you can visit them here.



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