Run, Run, Run

The training for my 10K race continues! Here's the training plan checklist from two weeks earlier. Friends who race on a regular basis tell me that longer distances become less of a physical challenge, but instead a mental task. This weekend I found myself there too...since over 4 miles is a long distance for me. I drape my gym towel over the treadmill's numbers because, if I watch, the numbers seem to tick forward so painfully slowly. After peeking at 2.5 miles on Sunday I started thinking about slowing for a while, but realized it wasn't my body that necessarily felt tired, it was my mind that wanted to walk.

I have become a loyal listener to NPR's Fresh Air to keep my mind occupied. Their weeklong homage to country music was a little hard, since I'm not a fan. I also switch to my running podcasts, particularly in the second half of any given distance, to pep up.

I am loving the thrill of being just a half or quarter mile away from the day's goal distance. Suddenly my feet pick up higher and I feel like I'm bouncing and flying along. And even though I'm going faster, my strides feel like they are actually slowing down, easing into slow motion. (Listening to WNYC's RadioLab podcast "It's All Relative" later while stretching I heard high school track athletes talking about this same phenomenon.) Maybe it's just the waning hydration and the glee of being able to finally get off the treadmill, but it's ironically the moment I'm most ready to run some more.


Anonymous said...

Claire, way to stick with it! You'll be so happy when you finish the race next weekend! Can't wait to hear how the race goes!

On a side note, I find it much, much easier to run outside despite a harder terrain. The treadmill (aka dreadmill) makes me want to punch myself in the face from boredom.


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