The Run-Up and Vent Out

Saturday is 10K race day! Thank you very, very much to the folks that have kindly supported me in my fundraising for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. I'm up to $355!! Completely terrific!Now, just an afterthought, and maybe a bit of sour grapes, to express how I am a little perplexed and frustrated over those who didn't even toss a few coins my way.

This is to the co-workers. The co-workers who post cookie dough, girl scout cookie, Christmas wreath, wrapping paper, chocolate and pre-prepared food fund-raising flyers about the office. And *every time* I get a little something, as a gesture of support for the soccer team, band, scouts, or school activity. I think I have three kinds of cookie dough coming my way...for the two of us at home. And just one* of you has supported me in my race! (Ironically, a person whose kids are too small to be fund-raising just yet.) This may be my Carrie Bradshaw moment, in the episode where she is taken aback in frustrated wonder when the friend for whom she's bought numerous gifts (engagement, bridal shower, wedding, and babies x3) refuses to help her replace a pair of shoes taken/stolen by another guest at the friend's party.

It's not something I'll mention aloud, since it seems a little mean-spirited to the girl scouts...but in the space of my blog, I wanted to vent a little. Raising money for HIV care (which we all work on) seems just as legit as the band's trip to Disney or the new football uniforms.

I know giving isn't about expecting something in return, but I want to live in a world where we reciprocate the kindness we receive from others. Like walking through double doors and holding the door open for the person who just did that for you.

I guess I have six miles on Saturday to pound out the (possibly petty) anger.

*Sura, you count as a friend now, not co-worker. And thank you for your contribution. :) Thank you everyone, again!!


jck said...

Good luck!


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