Sayonara Summer, Acknowledging Autumn

After fighting it for a week or so I'm ready to concede that summer is ending.Like every year, I wonder if I spent enough time outside these past two or three months, adequate time on the deck, or sufficient use of the grill -- before we pack everything up for the fall and winter.

This weekend I reconciled with my possible regrets and decided to start embracing autumn. I picked basil off of our deck to make pesto, before it all shrivels in the chill. At Home Depot I strolled aisles of mums, asters, and pansies, picking up all three for the building and our deck. I wanted to buy a million of them and deck the whole place out in puffy, warm fall colors, and maybe nestle some pumpkins in between. (Although our building's colors are purple, thanks to the bright lavender entryway - the developer's choice, not ours.) I snuck a few yellow and deep red pansies in anyway.

So it's time for hearty glasses of red wine, scarves, football, and caramel apples. The first day of coming home to an apartment cold enough to turn on the heat, and the first toasty rush of air coming through the ducts. Sweaters, socks, and flannel sheets.

Top image can be yours, from Kiki and Polly, on Etsy.



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