All's Fare

After taking just one trip on the El last week I got an email from the CTA saying my fare card was reloading with cash. That seemed odd, so I went online to check my activity.

A trip from Midway airport. Huh...

A trip from our nearby station. Okay.

A trip from the Loop. Possible?

Another trip from home. Okay.

Another trip from the Loop. Weird.

Daily trips from the Loop. Wait a minute!

Daily trips that Jason takes on his commute to and from work every day.


Somehow our CTA cards got switched and apparently I've been paying for his daily commute. It might be fair if I took the El daily too, and had been making matching charges on his card. But I take Metra, the regional rail line.

Since transportation is something we categorize as respectively personal costs, and not shared, I've been paying for both of our commutes out of my own pocket.

Argh! *Shaking fist*

I promptly traded cards back with Jason.
And wrote my name on mine, to which Jason responded, "I'm not in a marriage! I'm at summer camp!"

Since I guesstimate I've been paying for his trips to work since July (when we were swapping cards back and forth with his visiting siblings) I think he'll cope.

I think he might also owe me dinner.



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