Bad News / Good News

The bad news: the dress I was planning to wear to our friend's 12.11.10 wedding does not fit.

The good news: it is WAY too large. As a strapless dress, it falls right my hips. Which is kind of hard to believe, since when I wore it before I didn't feel that much rounder. I guess I was. (See photo.)

What could it mean that I still feel pretty much the same? Was I overconfident then? Or am I just a long-time sufferer of body dysmorphic disorder? That was 2008, believe it or not, which makes me feel better about getting a new dress anyway.

What I'm considering (besides just lots of Breyer's Caramel Praline ice cream to gain back the weight for the wedding) is Rent the Runway. Renting seems to make a lot more sense for a dress that you will wear just once or twice. The dress above, which I still adore, was worn for just two weddings. A fashion tragedy.

And how about renting a dress that would cost 3x as much, for as low as 1/3 the cost?! Designer labels too! I know, I sound quite the advocate. I am enamored with the idea, and it gets better when I start window shopping. You can even rent great jewelry to go with your Cinderella dress. If you think about it, her dress was kind of a rental too.

Which one would you pick for me? Our event is an evening wedding in the city. The bride is wearing a floor length strapless gown, so you'll definitely know which one she is. Jason will be in a suit, probably somewhat reluctantly.

Roksanda Illincic Olive Drape DressRoksanda Illincic Belted Copper Gown (I guess I like her stuff!) Check out the detail on the belt! Although the length might make it too formal.Badgley Mishka Sequin Bell Sleeve Sheath (love them, and never thought I'd be able to wear their designs for the price.)More amazing details, too. Dresses like this make me want a vow renewal ceremony, at the top of a tall skyscraper. Seems like it might be too close to white...and the bride?Another Badgley Mishka, with a more casual sparkle. Very Sienna Miller, easy glamour. I could even rent the last TWO for half the retail price of one!

P.S. Also consider, what might work with Great Aunt Jean's mink wrap? (Worn twice too.)


Andra Sue said...

I love the olive one and the Badgley Mishka. :)


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