Like a Hurricane

The 10K is over, and I made it, running the whole way too! (I kind of surprised even myself with that.) Perhaps I was motivated to end the race as soon as possible, since conditions were less than comfortable.Temps were in the low 50s, and the race started 20 minutes late. A light persistent rain began before I was even finished with Mile 1 and continued even a hour after the race ended. The course ran from Grant Park onto the Museum Campus and around the aquarium to a long lakefront trail. It was pretty to run along the lake, however the wind was fierce! At times I couldn't tell if I was getting wet from the rain or from the spray of the waves hitting the sea walls. On the way back past the aquarium again I wondered if I wasn't running in slow motion, the prevailing wind being so strong. Just holding my ground took some effort, much less moving forward. I wondered, "Am I running in a hurricane??!"

Unofficial finish time was 1 hour, five minutes. (And I did wear the time chip, even though I was worried about a bad time going into internet posterity when the race times are posted with my name in them.)

A lunch of spicy Thai soup with co-workers who'd also come to the race, and a long hot shower afterward were welcome.

I'd share some pictures but I had a little accident involving my cell phone, camera, and the free post-race Gatorade. I may recover from the race but the phone and camera are still questionable. (Calls are being forwarded to my work blackberry, but I may not be responding to text messages for a little while.)


Elizabeth said...

Way to go, Claire!! You should be so proud of yourself! The weather certainly was less than ideal this morning so props to you for sticking with it and dealing with the cold, wind, and rain! Congratulations!

jck said...

Sounds horrible, but I'm so impressed you ran the whole way. Really awesome. What next, ironman (ironwoman?)?

Ellyn said...

Congratulations, Claire!! I was thinking of you all day yesterday. I'm so proud of you esp. under the challenging weather conditions. And while I'm commenting, let me also say, June is SOOOO adorable from your previous post. It looks like you had a fabulous visit, and I love the Shedd Aquarium, too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Claire! Your determination is inspiring! You ran for a good cause and did so in spite of the less than favorable weather conditions.

Good job, too, on "calling out" everything/everyone you've supported and yet not receiving the support in return. This happens too often and you've spoken for ALL of us!

We're always proud of you!


Claire said...

THANK YOU for all the congrats! I'm really humbled by the compliments and hope it helps a good cause. (And also with burning off those 3 buckets of cookie dough I got myself into. ;)


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