Sometimes the Turkey is Thrust Upon You

It was a couple weekends ago when Jason came home from visiting Columbus (and his family) and announced that we would be hosting Thanksgiving in Chicago. "Oh fun," I thought, particularly when I heard his grandfather would be coming too. We can't imagine what Bob will think of our urban neighborhood, its noise, its diversity, its close-together living.

Also, Hank, his mom's little terrier might be in tow...and what this means for our cats will be intriguing.

It was a little while after that I began to think about how the Thanksgiving hostess is the one who does the cooking. And that I've never made a turkey before... like the whole bird. I've tried turkey breast, and cornish hens, but not the big gobbler himself.Some are born to Thanksgiving, some achieve it, and others just have the turkey thrust upon them. But let's admit it, I would never try making Thanksgiving dinner for more than just me and Jason unless I was nominated.

Mother-in-law Nancy has kindly offered her mentoring in Thanksgiving cooking, and I think some make-ahead or easily assignable sides will be helpful. Also, unplugging the smoke detector early and ignoring my co-workers who suggest that deep-frying is the way to go. I've seen home insurance ads that take their premise from accidents involving three gallons of cooking oil and the fires that follow with deep frying!

I am looking forward to the childhood memories that will flood back with making the stuffing. Thanksgiving morning often found me and Juliet watching early morning cartoons, and Dad would pop into the living room carrying loaves of bread and a big wooden bowl. It was our task to sit at the table and tear up bread. The smell of onions, butter and bread on the stovetop soon followed and I remember eating bites of the stuffing just like that. Delicious!

Of course, it was this morning that I realized we don't have a table big enough for even us five adults who will be feasting. Unless I pull in the garden furniture, which I think may work with the right table cloth.

I'll figure it out, that's what the pilgrims had to do, right?


Anonymous said...

Hosting Thanksgiving is so much fun! You're going to have a great time! You don't have to go anywhere and get to have your whole condo smell like yummy food. I wouldn't suggest deep frying your turkey, but we've been using our grill for the turkey every year. Just pretend like it's another oven, and it frees up your real oven.


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