Day 1 Towards Delhi

I've considered the best approach to sharing our two weeks in India, by theme? By city? By day? As much as organizing by topic (food, shopping, people, animals in the road) would be interesting I've settled on just sharing the jumble of our many experiences as they came, day by day, city by city. We spent just about 14 days away, but could have easily spent a month in India with the same itinerary and had a very full experience. It was a great deal to absorb.

Our travels had an auspicious start when British Airways kindly upgraded us to business class for the first leg of our trip, Chicago to London. (Surely spoiling Jason for all future travel, as he persistently sought out upgrades on every other plane ride, sadly to no avail.) As the inflight magazine suggests, we did feel like we were already living the high life. The morning meal was coyly titled, "Breakfast in Bed" as we enjoyed our lay-flat seats. After connecting to the next flight in the middle-class World Traveler Plus cabin (*sigh*), we landed in Delhi, still decked out for the earlier Commonwealth Games, around 2 in the morning. I think we both weathered the trip rather well.
Many people have asked if India met our expectations, or what we didn't expect. One thing we had braced for was the smells that might confront us after stepping immediately off the plane, as comedian Russell Peters has covered in his stand-up reflections on India. But no, that wasn't such a big deal, although scents were part of our entire experience, whether it was the odor of the sewers, the mosquito spray in the hotel, or the curry and fresh garlic naan on our dinner table.

Instead, Delhi was shrouded in a low fog, and distant festive lights hung for the upcoming Diwali festival blinked at us from across the runway as we taxied into Delhi's new international terminal.

The empty and quiet early morning streets belied Delhi's true rhythms, which we'd discover the following day. I had to laugh when Jason spotted our first cow, hanging out unattended on the roadside, and exclaimed completely innocently, "Holy cow!"

Indeed, we'd arrived in the land of Holy Cows.


Sura said...

Love it! Can't wait to hear more!


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