Happy to Be There, Happy to Leave

At the end of every long vacation I inevitably start to think about the things I'm looking forward to coming home to.

The day before leaving for India I asked a friend who traveled there two years ago what she was happiest to have when she returned. "Pizza," she replied definitively. "I mean, I like Indian food, but every day for two weeks...?"

Here are some things I think I might be happy to come home to:

A long, hot shower. Even when it's just a few days in a hotel somewhere like Tampa or California, there's nothing like washing the travel away from you. Clean sheets on my own bed. Jason was perplexed when I still had our housecleaner come over the day of our departure. I wanted to come home to a clean home, and even better, a clean bed, with sheets pulled tight. With the "boil it, peel it, cook it or forget it" rule for eating in countries like India (for those of us with delicate American stomachs) I expect to be craving some fresh fruit and produce.A "real" Diet Coke. It seems that in the rest of the world Diet Coke is much sweeter. I'm always happy to return to my usual formula.And of course, these guys. Here there are snuggled into the clean warm laundry that we'll be doing shortly after our return.



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