Make it a Handmade Holiday

With Christmas on our heels, and the malls hot and crowded, it seems a good time to nudge you in the direction of one of my favorite places, Etsy, for your gift-giving decisions. One year, for my birthday, Jason asked what I wanted...I suggested simply, "jewelry from Etsy" and knew it would be both pretty and affordable.

Rather than a gift card or mass-produced item off a fluorescent-lit store shelf, how about handmade for the holidays?

Some suggestions for those you love:

A prim little purse, from London. (Perfect for old-school style Andrea.)

A stunning silk pillow, from San Antonio. (I'm thinking of your living room, Allison.)

A statement adornment, called The Suzanne, from Winston-Salem

A practical-minded but exquisite letterpress calendar, from Seattle. (I've already ordered mine for 2011.)

Shop the world, from your couch, and support the self-employed keeping original arts alive. And tell them that their gift is one-of-a-kind.



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