New Room in My Heart

A new love on HGTV has been found: Sarah's House. Not only do I like her style, but I appreciate her spunk. She buys a house and renovates it room by room.

To be fair, I don't see myself *ever* doing this, especially after watching my mom spend most of my pre-adolescence scraping paint off of a 3-story oak staircase. Because of this memory, there is something very satisfying about watching a room go from ugly barren studs to polish and colorful complimentary style in no more than 8 episodes.

Sarah and her designer sidekick Tommy have the kind of fun at work that I need to remind myself to bring to the office more often. With or without their Canadian accents. (More on Tommy here, if you too are a fan.) Work is more fun with laughter. Always.

It makes me want to re-do our guestroom. Winter project?

P.S. Not *that* Sarah's house, no matter how close to Canada --or Russia-- it is.



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