Borrowed Beautiful

Last night was my runway night - a friend's wedding where my attire was a borrowed Badgley Mischka from Rent the Runway. I loved it! What a dream to wear a dress that retails for $800, for just a fraction of the cost. I'll probably only wear it once anyway, right?

So for that one night I was committed to maximizing my Cinderella experience (the dress had to be in the mail by Monday.) I danced! I sort of crashed a produce supplier holiday party with friend Christine! And I ended with drinks at the neighborhood's always fun to be high style in low places.

The shimmery dress garnered lots of compliments, which is always fun. And the shoes, were my from my "sole" sister Jessica Simpson. I never really liked her music, bags, or any other merchandising effort that much... but she and I see eye to eye (toe to toe?) on shoes.



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