Home Improvement

Time off from work over the holidays had me attending to things around the house that have needed fixing for months, and in the case of one bathroom shelf: two years!

It was very satisfying to finally change the light bulb over the shower (hopefully fewer razor knicks to Jason's chin and my ankles will follow.) Don't worry, we weren't shaving in the dark, it was just one of two bulbs that had gone out.

I finally found a new step stool for the kitchen. The old one, previously modeled beautifully by niece, June, was getting super wobbly. It was seemingly impossible to find a comparable model that would serve as both a seat and a ladder for reaching the tall cupboards. Everyone's moved onto foldaway plastic ladders, which I do not like. Thank you, Pier 1 for delivering on what I thought might have been lost furniture.And it matches much better with the kitchen; the red painted one definitely read "first apartment!" It must have been the negotiating skills I picked up in India that got me a 30% discount due to a small flaw (which I fixed later with stain anyway.) Ok, no...it was a kind manager who responded very promptly when I pointed out my concern with the floor model. It still pains me to barter!

I painted a bathroom door, and maybe that's what has me browsing the Benjamin Moore website to consider new paint in a larger scale. Not sure where, living room? Hallway accent?It seems like such a commitment, but I wonder if it's worth it to move away from the cool greys and greens that the previous homeowners seemed to favor so much.



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