What We Do When We Have the Time

With a few days off for the holidays, I'm enjoying the "lady of leisure" life. (Ironically though, I've done more business reading in the last two days than I've probably done in the previous six months. Hello, HBR.org.)

Not working gives me time to spy pre-cut butternut squash in the grocery aisle and decide to figure out risotto for the first time. I did it the hard way, since even though Rachel Ray's recipe called for the frozen pureed stuff, I roasted my own. The nice garnish made my dish prettier than the recipe picture. I dirtied far more dishes in the preparation than I did in the serving. It also wasn't really a 30-minute meal, since the risotto was still crunchy at that time.But it was so tasty that the leftovers were both lunch and dinner today! In fact, it was hard to focus on the art at the Art Institute's Modern Wing since I hadn't had lunch yet, and I knew what was waiting at home.

Today I did indeed knock out the long-time 'to do' list item which was to visit the Art Institute's "new" Modern Wing. "New" as in it's been there probably over a year now, but I just got around to visiting!

Telling my coworker about it she exclaimed, "Oh, you know I heard the wreaths around the lions are green this year!" I frowned, "But wreaths are usually green." "No! They are like solar-powered or something!" So Chicago. And ironically, the wreaths are red. Here's the airy Modern Wing. It's a little odd, since all the galleries are through glass doors, which makes it a little hard to know where you are allowed to go. Or maybe it's one of those "if you belong, you *know*" things?I was delighted to find Sam Francis' "In Lovely Blueness No 2", which is an accompaniment to the art above our bed.Wonder if the Art Institute would loan it to us?

The description as "airy, expansive, and exuberant" is probably what I like about having this artwork in our home. (So glad that Juliet was ready to part with the poster in our late adolescent years, since it was she who brought it home from a family trip to Paris, though I later paid the arm and a leg for professional matting and framing.)



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