I Feel Much Better Now

I was at the gym, trying to do a delicate 15 minutes on the stationary bike. I didn't want to press my sore knees further than they are up to, and I found myself gazing longingly at Katy Perry on the tv screens. Music videos play in a continuous loop at the gym, so it's increased my fluency in pop music and rap stars. Earlier this year, I found myself following Dancing with the Stars.

But Katy Perry... so much further to go on the bike before I arrived at the place where I look like that, I thought. Her jaunty music video, showcasing her midriff tops and lithe limbs, just seemed like mockery to us little chubby hamsters on our wheels.

But then I remembered this: A photo from Russell Brand's Twitter feed, featuring his relatively new wife first thing in the morning, before she could reach for any eyeliner or lipstick. (Or at least that's what the internets say.)

Now, don't get me wrong, I would be LIVID. HORRIFIED. if Jason. ever. did. this. to. me!!

But I might like Katy Perry a little bit more now. And on the bike and the weight machines later it was this face I thought of instead. I felt much better.

I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to bop Russell Brand pretty hard on the head though. I guess I can also feel better that everyone's husband is occasionally mischievous in a way that isn't entirely appreciated. Makes jokes that only he laughs at... ah, marriage.


jck said...

Claire, you look way better than that in the morning, just think how unbelievable you would look with a personal stylist, makeup team, and hair dresser :)


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