It's Ok With Me, John

Much has been made of new House Speaker John Boehner's propensity for crying. His is quite a weepy fellow. It inspired 60 Minutes to do a little web piece recounting other politicians we've seen shed tears.

As someone who's had some moments of trouble keeping the tears in their ducts at the office, I'm kind of ok with John's habit.

I never quite understood why it was ok for someone to yell, curse, and variously ballyhoo about in a meeting. In fact, it might make them seem stronger and more powerful. But a show of similar strength of passion, in the opposite direction, is something you never want to do.

Run to the ladies room. Suck it up. There's no crying in baseball. If John Boehner might somehow be increasing the collective tolerance for a diversity of emotion at work, I support it. Like affirmative action for feelings.



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