Preemptive Reprieve

This was scheduled to be a unique week. I mean, how often do you get to go to Connecticut? And then, what a rare opportunity to go Connecticut twice in one week!As you might guess, these trips were planned separately, one for fun and friendship, the other relatively last minute for business. Ironic that events transpired this way.

However, the business trip was canceled today before I could even get to the office, thanks to the threat of a blizzard aiming towards Chicago. An optimistic traveler, I was willing to give the trip a shot anyway, but then I saw the email from Corporate Travel warning of a "massive" snowstorm. I got a preemptive reprieve from the trip that I was not so excited about anyway.

My every hope (and continuing optimism) is that it snows tomorrow and Wednesday, they clear the runways by Friday and I'm off East for the weekend. The plans are to spend the weekend with college roommate Ellyn, her husband Joe, and adorable daughter Clara.


Ellyn said...

It still looks good here for the weekend (maybe some snow on Saturday) but hopefully Fri. and Sun. travel days will be OK! I just got your Diet Coke, so we're ready for you. :)


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