Probably a Dumb Question

After the usual train ride home chit chatting with coworker buddies, and unsuccessfully trying to make a call to another friend as I started my walk home, I was left with a few blocks of solitude to think.

I thought about the conversations I'd had with my train friends, mostly small talk. Really unimportant stuff, that I tried to make interesting.

Like sharing the weekend victory of pointing out to the Macy's cashier that the silverware was advertised on the display for $25 less than it rung up for on the register. I thought maybe she'd give me the spatula for free, but my luck stopped at $25.

The tale of our condo maintenance man, who decided mid-winter that he didn't want to shovel our snow any more. A story made more amusing when you hear the litany of various reasons he gave for his abrupt resignation: he's old (only 37!); he smokes; his back hurts; last time he had to come shovel on his birthday; it was also his wife's birthday; his snow blower broke; he hires someone to shovel the snow at his house. And I share this story in my poor and inconsistent imitation of his Eastern European accent, which Jason points out starts to sound like my grandma.

But caught with a few moments alone, I started contrasting the stories I'd shared with those that my friends had told me on the way home. The ratio was not even.

"Do I over-share?" I wondered to myself. The answer is likely, "yes, if you have a blog, you probably are a natural over-sharer."

Thanks for letting me share, readers.

Art by Yoshitomo Nara.


Sura said...

I can't think of anyone who is LESS of an oversharer. You so don't fit this category.


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