This is not a Football Blog

This is not a football blog (that's my husband's job), but it's hard not to mention the buzz that's going up and down the shore of Lake Michigan, across the Illinois/Wisconsin state line: Bears versus Packers. They play on Sunday for a slot in the Superbowl, the first time they've met in a playoff since 1941.

Back then it was played at Wrigley Field, and with those funny classic uniforms that seem like they couldn't protect you from a sneeze, much less a linebacker. The highlight reel is cute, done silent movie style with majestic music to set the tone. They were playing the week after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, which adds another layer to take in with the footage. I like history more than football, and this may be the evidence.

I work practically on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois, with 50% of my co-workers living in Wisconsin, so I'm looking for intrigue and signs of a workplace divided. So far everyone's disappointingly well-behaved. Not what I'd expect for fans of the teams who can be credited for the first ever ejection of players for fighting during a game. (1924)

Who am I rooting for? The Bears.Cheeseheads would not look nearly as dignified on the heads of the Art Institute lions.



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