Waiting to be Entertained by Cleopatra

After seeing it on many another blog, I decided to pick up (or download, really) Cleopatra, A Life as my next book. I'm struggling. Throughout the first chapter I wondered if this was just the forward, and when did the real story begin?

Maybe I was expecting historical fiction, or was at least hoping for non-fiction in a good storyteller's voice. It's instead become one of those books where every character seems to have the same name, and the thread is proving hard to pick up.

Why didn't any of the other blogs mention this?

I am hoping it gets better once you get further into it. I have a slew of other books sitting on my kindle half started. Instead of dreading going back to each one, I've started reading Sherlock Holmes case by case. A trusted classic, and free from Amazon on your kindle! Though, after seeing the movie last year, it's hard to stop picturing Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Sherlock and Dr. Watson.


Jean Therapy said...

Sherlock Holmes, you say? I'm not sure if it's premature to recommend a book I'm half-way thru but I'm reading the Sherlockian and really enjoying it.

Perhaps, worth checking out?


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