What a Day

It's not every day (a good thing) that helicopters hover over your home at 6:00 am, and the traffic report includes news of a police chase moving south into your neighborhood. Today we had some excitement, that was brought to a safe conclusion a few blocks away. A criminal stole a taxi and drove it through about four suburbs before crossing into our part of Chicago, where he then crashed into an empty school bus, then a pole, and then a police officer tackled him to the ground. That riff-raff from the suburbs, seriously bringing the neighborhood down.

And it's also not every day that two events in your life make the news. The other one was workplace layoffs, with my company announcing the cutting of 1,900 jobs. Thankfully, mine was not one of them. But the office seems lonelier as we look around and realize who's left, and all the work we've suddenly inherited.

I am hoping for a less eventful day tomorrow.



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