Brief Hiatus Likely

I'm leaving shortly for two back-to-back business trips, in two contrasting places: Vegas and Boston.
Vegas promises to be chilly (temps in the 50s) and I expect just as little (in terms of degrees) from Boston. I'm hopeful of meeting up with a couple of friends along the way.
Just wanted to let you know, since my blogging will probably suffer to business dinners and early morning meetings (7 am calls with the Central Time Zone are not appealing!)


I am just thinking that it would be very nice, at this time of year, to take a little escape.And take just a beachy tunic, some fun summer sandals and a ruffly swimsuit.
This happens every year: the point where I am just tired of winter and ready for spring. Today was also kind of a glum day too. Work has been a particular chore this week and I'd just like to leave. Don't tell!

Two small consolations:
1. tomorrow's weather forecast nearing the 60s that promises to melt the feet of snow that surround us still. I'm hopeful that a path will be finally cleared for our dumpster to exit the parking lot.
2. next week I'll be in Las Vegas for a sales meeting. Let's hope for sun and stealing some time by the pool...without any coworkers to see me. It's not an escape when your boss is asking you about rescheduling the creative presentation and how it will impact the budget. (This has happened before, while I was really trying to listen to the 'Hop on/Hop off' bus tour in Vienna.)

Best Airplane Music

After I've read my magazine, and tried to keep my eyes open for a book, I will pop my iPod earbuds in and try to find a comfortable wedge into my airplane seat.

I like flying at night. My last two flights have been particularly nice since they were both through the dark, enveloping, inky blue skies, but also very empty flights. Each time I moved from the aisle seat which I usually stake out on crowded flights to lean my head against the portal-shaped window.My favorite music for this moment, on a nighttime airplane ride is Bebel Gilberto's bossa nova. Music that captures the feeling that you are moving very slowly, gliding across the clouds, when in reality you know that you are moving faster than any other form of ground transportation. But still, it seems like the lights below are the same ones from 15 minutes ago.

When I feel like it I switch to the Cure, "Pictures of You." Also perfect for moody reflection.


After nearly twenty years of driving without *once* being pulled over, when I saw police lights activate behind me last night I innocently and instinctively thought to myself, "Oh, good thing I am turning so I can get out his way as he speeds off to chase that criminal he's after." But as I made my turn into the parking lot of the hotel where I was meeting a friend, the cop turned too. I was dumbfounded.

My other friend in the passenger seat exclaimed, "Claire, he's pulling you over!"
"But I've never been pulled over!" I protested.

When the officer walked up to the window I was so flustered, pulling out my license and insurance, etc that I jumped in my seat when he said hello.

Had I forgotten to signal? (No.) Was I going too fast? (No.) (Definitely NOT assured my friend.)

The registration sticker on my plate was expired. Two months! ARGH!

It turns out that when the dealership ordered the plates for our new car they found three unique ways to screw up our home address so that the renewal from the Illinois Secretary of State never made its way to our home. And we never noticed...for two months. I wonder how long we would have gone?

My friend leaned across the car from the passenger seat to exclaim and giggle, "She's never been pulled over!" The cop laughed and advised that this was likely one of the better things to be pulled over for and he would try to make it as pleasant as possible.

After sitting in the patrol car for a little while, with my license, he returned and asked if I was married. The following advice was that I should make my husband pay the $25 ticket. Bummer. When asked about my marriage status my friend and I later agreed that I should have added, "But my friend is single!" Since our ticketing officer was not unattractive, and seemed to have a sense of humor and kindness.

Kindness because even though I really didn't want to ask, I was facing a rather complicated ramp system to get to the hotel. Before he left he pulled up beside us to confirm we knew how to get to the hotel entrance. After starting directions he stopped and then insisted we just follow him there. Police escort! He even stopped to roll down his window and point us into the parking lot.

I guess not a bad first offense.
The sticker was updated the following day and the ticket mailed this morning.
But my perfect record is broken: "Operating a vehicle with expired registration."

Winter Blah

Reinforcing my fears that the snow that was dumped on us from the Blizzard won't go away until April, the temperatures are dropping this week.

The piles are going to solidify and harden to permafrost, perma-sidewalk-mountain and perma-yuck. Slippery, snowy and grungy. It is super-cold!

I'd like my tickets to the beach right now, please.

Forget Oprah's Book Club

The auspicious task of assembling Lisa Simpson's library is going on here. It's pretty terrific, and you will likely feel inferior to an 8-year cartoon character. It seems to be just getting started, so Simpsons fan can add their own.

As the Expression Goes

I've never really understood the expression, "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

To clarify, I know how to use it, and what it translates to, "a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem" as well-articulated by Wikipedia. But I just don't get the literal meaning in any way. What does that even mean?!

I also worried about flipping it to "cutting your face to spite your nose." Which would kind of make more sense, that your nose would more inevitably get in the way if you were seeking to cut your face, not the other way around.)

I wanted to use the expression today at work, as I heard a higher-up was thinking of pulling some work that we'd invested a lot of money in because of something that no one else would really know was wrong with the creative. But I hesitated. Should I really toss out a statement that I had no idea how to really explain?

Turns out its origin is also described on Wikipedia, "The phrase is known to have been used in the 12th century. It may be associated with the numerous cases of pious women disfiguring themselves in order to protect their virginity. These cases include Saint Eusebia, Saint Ebba, Saint Oda of Hainault and Saint Margaret of Hungary."

Huh. Probably still not something I'd want to explain in the workplace.

We Have a Blizzard!

It's been snowing since this morning, and just a few minutes ago there was lightening. Lightening means the chance of THUNDERSNOW! A term I'd never heard before today. And I just heard it!

My walk home from the train was a bit of a challenge, holding my hood down tight to my head.

Snow has been blowing horizontally all night in a crazy mad mess.

Sure enough, today's flights to Connecticut (and lots of other places) were canceled.

I'm thinking tomorrow will be spent fighting for a spot on the corporate VPN with everyone else working from home. Ensconced inside, making some hot chocolate, with Teedie taking the occasional inconvenient stroll across my laptop keyboard.

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