Best Airplane Music

After I've read my magazine, and tried to keep my eyes open for a book, I will pop my iPod earbuds in and try to find a comfortable wedge into my airplane seat.

I like flying at night. My last two flights have been particularly nice since they were both through the dark, enveloping, inky blue skies, but also very empty flights. Each time I moved from the aisle seat which I usually stake out on crowded flights to lean my head against the portal-shaped window.My favorite music for this moment, on a nighttime airplane ride is Bebel Gilberto's bossa nova. Music that captures the feeling that you are moving very slowly, gliding across the clouds, when in reality you know that you are moving faster than any other form of ground transportation. But still, it seems like the lights below are the same ones from 15 minutes ago.

When I feel like it I switch to the Cure, "Pictures of You." Also perfect for moody reflection.



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