I am just thinking that it would be very nice, at this time of year, to take a little escape.And take just a beachy tunic, some fun summer sandals and a ruffly swimsuit.
This happens every year: the point where I am just tired of winter and ready for spring. Today was also kind of a glum day too. Work has been a particular chore this week and I'd just like to leave. Don't tell!

Two small consolations:
1. tomorrow's weather forecast nearing the 60s that promises to melt the feet of snow that surround us still. I'm hopeful that a path will be finally cleared for our dumpster to exit the parking lot.
2. next week I'll be in Las Vegas for a sales meeting. Let's hope for sun and stealing some time by the pool...without any coworkers to see me. It's not an escape when your boss is asking you about rescheduling the creative presentation and how it will impact the budget. (This has happened before, while I was really trying to listen to the 'Hop on/Hop off' bus tour in Vienna.)



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