Better than Old 30 Rock Re-runs

I'm used to half-heartedly plugging my earphones into the armrest on flights to watch a 30 Rock episode I've already seen. It's just the inflight routine.

I had to curiously search out the pages of the airline magazine that offer descriptions on the movies when American Airlines announced the inflight movie would be "Waiting for Superman." What a terrific surprise, a documentary!

"Waiting for Superman" focuses on public schools in America and the tension between union rights and striving to improve the curriculum quality and teacher talent. And ultimately the students who work hard, want more, but face slim chances of getting into the best schools because it's a lottery. It's enough to make a liberal conservative as it points out how ridiculously poor performing teachers maintain their jobs, thanks to tenure. But it's balanced in spotlighting educators who maintain their idealism that education can improve.

I recommend it. It's topical with the controversy over unions in states like Wisconsin. My ticket to the movie cost over a hundred dollars, since it was my airfare, but for you it's out on DVD. (And kudos to American Airlines for considering documentary content for the in-flight entertainment. For once I didn't feel like that time in the air was time lost into thin air!)


juliet said...

Wow, I'm very impressed by AA, but I feel sorry for all the parents on that flight who were counting on that movie to entertain their kids. Although I guess those kids were probably plugged into a iphone/ipod/ipad before the plane even left the gate. Ah, technology...


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