Guest Room Ideas

After spending some time noodling and putting pictures together on my powerpoint idea board, I am circling around a final idea for the guest room!

It's getting time to tell the current guests that they may need to find another resting spot for a little while. The paint options are on the wall and it's not going to yellow. Although the name is adorable, "Little Dipper," the color just glows in a crazy kind of way. Instead, it's going to be "Sweet Pear" a bright but calming green. After bringing home the paint chip Jason pointed out I'd picked pretty nearly the same color that is already in our kitchen and guest bathroom. I know I can live with it already!

Here's the whole plan, anchored by the cream bedspread and curtains that are already in the room.I'm excited to order the FLOR carpet tiles, in faux bois.Those fabrics will be going on big European pillows to disguise the headboard Jason hates, and I admit I don't love, but don't see the point in paying lots to replace. The West Elm bedding reminds me of my favorite sheets growing up too. I wonder if I'll be sleeping there since I'm thinking I'll love it so much!


jck said...

LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to stay there :)


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