Home Sweet Home

After two, long, tiring weeks of travel crashing on the couch at home and catching up on Tivo never felt so good. Funny though it may sound, the last ten days of business travel were far more exhausting than our whole trip to India.

Vegas gave me a headache, with the smoke in the casino (people still smoke?!) and realizing that I hadn't been outside once in four days. This sounds very crankypants, but I didn't sleep well all week. The perk of the trip, however, was getting to connect for dinner with friend, Sura. When we'd earlier been lamenting how much business travel we each had coming up, it was Sura who was smart enough to ask, "Where are you going? Maybe we'll be in the same place at the same time." And we were!

I realized I'm more of a New England person than a Vegas showgirl, since it was Boston I liked better. I saved an extra day by going straight from Vegas to Boston, instead of pit-stopping in Chicago for 24 hours to frantically do laundry and re-pack. With two of my oldest friends in Boston, it was a chance to see both: Aaron and Leah.

To give you a sense of how far Aaron and I go back, here's the comparison of us back then, and us now. I'm on the right in both photos, and very glad that I grew into those cheeks. Yikes. I can also later do a separate commentary on the hats my mother put me in as a baby. This look is very colonial scullery maid. (Click to enlarge.) The stroller in the middle is now filled with Aaron's son, which gives this a very "circle of life" feeling.

With Leah, it was a realization not only that we'd known each other now for 20 years, but that it'd probably been 10 since we'd last seen each other. But like the experience of catching up with my fifth grade best friend, Andra, as many years later I've realized that some friends are just like old shoes. Your slip right back in completely comfortably. The ironic part is that Leah and I spent about ten minutes talking about how much we both like Andra (someone Leah's never actually met!) which makes me wonder if Andra and Leah aren't part of the same pair of shoes. (And that would probably be a Jessica Simpson pair.)

These visits made the trip more entertaining, but I am soooooo glad to be home.


JCK said...


LBE said...

It was great to see you and spending time catching up! I hope it's not ten more yeas before we see each other again.

I know we talked about it before, but someday I hope you, me and Andra will meet up for a visit.

Andra said...

Awww, that was such a sweet post! We definitely need to get together again soon, all three of us if possible! I am up for another Chicago visit anytime and you know Dallas in the Spring is really nice. :)


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