We Should Have Such Problems!

On occasion, Jason and I will catch each other arguing or worrying over some dilemma.

And then we realize that's it the kind of problem we won't remember having in three months. It's hardly really fair to define it as a "problem."

How many days should we stay in Cabo? (Something *still* TBD, Nancy.)

Why can't we find a good night for dinner with Joel and his wife?

Are the housecleaners going to be able to come before our expected house guests arrive?

Does Piper's eye look funny again? (No, she's just creepy like that sometimes.)

My co-workers never push in their chairs!

What is her problem with putting meat in a recipe once in a while? Why so many vegetables?

When is he going to get those clothes out of the dryer! I have laundry to do!For a chance to laugh at yourself and your problems, Jason introduced me to reddit.com's "First World Problems" thread.

No Pepsi is not okay.

I can't eat out of the vending machine because I only have 20's.

I'd like to shop at the farmer's market, but I never feel like getting up early on the weekend. (Guilty!)

Every day someone at work brings in donuts or cake and it's making me fat.A good dose of perspective. Not stuff like 'the village well has run dry' or 'they are bombing the rebels, but it's close to my house.'

If our biggest problems are laundry and scheduling, we are far more than good.


jck said...

thanks for the reminder. life is good!


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