Attn: Shipping & Receiving

With a baby on the way, many packages have also been on their way to us.

It's a little bizarre and sobering to have baby things start to infiltrate our house. "It's" on its way. (Of course, "it" has already been inside for months...inside of me, no less!)

Pinocchio arrived all the way from Italy, courtesy Aunt Courtney and Uncle Lorenzo. Turns out Uncle Lorenzo and Pinocchio grew up in the same part of Italy.And what's funny is that when I first thought to take a photo of the Grandma Nancy-sponsored wardrobe, it was half the size of what it is now. She's doing a lot with green and yellow, until we find out the gender. I like the little feet. (Giraffes and ducks.) It was with a little bit of sentimentality that I remembered the baby sandals crocheted by my mother (probably 15 years ago or more) that I'd tucked into our safety deposit box.Even cousin June has gotten into the act by generously shipping a number of items that she's no longer using.Two big boxes full of stuff that we haven't even unpacked yet, since the baby nursery assembly is still dependent on the guest room redecoration. (Temporarily stalled as we line up a painter.) But thank you, June! Already such a thoughtful cousin.



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