Bumpin' Along

If there's one thing I find a little curious and sometimes TMI is the "bump photo" phenomenon. Women taking weekly photos of their bellies to see their tummy grow and grow. Sometimes with shirt pulled up.

I'm not totally into it, but I will confess to looking carefully at pictures of my mom in the third quarter of 1975 to see her belly with me inside. But the decision to partake in this ritual should be "mommy's choice" so I smiled when a fellow expecting mom reported on a message board that she's taken to posting photos of old men's beer bellies on her Facebook whenever friends and family demanded a belly picture.

A blogger I've started reading, Dear Baby, features regular pictures not of her belly per se, but how she's navigating maternity fashion. It's good inspiration and much more my own style.

She makes maternity look good, even in cell phone pics from her office bathroom.

To show friend Sura how I was enjoying her recent gift of hand-me-down maternity clothes I grabbed my own pic at work today. (As a side note, it's seriously inconvenient that maintenance has decided to shut down the bathroom closest to my office, so I have to trek across the floor to go to the bathroom. Was Building Maintenance not informed of my pregnancy??!)

So here's your "belly photo," although there's not too much to show and share yet. It's more evident in person, and definitely just going to get bigger. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Finally! You look adorable! I can't tell you (I think you have an idea) how excited I am! I am on the "edge of my seat," especially today:)
Love you two!

jck said...

You look great! (even in your office bathroom)


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